Medical negligence payouts in Northern Ireland hit £35m over the past year

It is a tragedy where a human suffers from medical negligence. It is a shame that this has increased in the recent years. But with problem a solution accompanies. The medical negligence payouts is a way the patients can reclaim part of their losses. The care that was not given to them can be compensated in terms of either the amount the patient had to pay for his treatment or the income he lost during the time his treatment was in progress and he couldn’t attend to his work, or both. This has become a common practice in other countries too.

Statistically we can know that the cases that dealt the most damage were of pregnant women with up to 674 cases. Many of the cases in the obstetrics ward were due to the pressure the women had to face from the staff in the labour room. The babies have also been affected due to the medical negligence claims and the amount has increased at a very alarming rate. To talk about the numbers, £116.7m were paid in accordance with the law that requires the health facility to pay medical negligence payout since 2017.

The amount stated wasn’t given to the patients but most of it was spent in fighting cases against the claims of medical negligence. If the figures are to be trusted the number of complaints in emergency cases has been 629 in Northern Ireland only. It is a clear reason why the amount has increased drastically and made it to the headlines “Medical negligence payouts in Northern Ireland hit £35m over the past year”.

Apart from the obstetrics department, there has been a fair amount of negligence cases seen in emergency, trauma, general surgery and orthopaedics. The cases have been the most for people in the range of 19 and 34. In most of the cases the only reason for it to become a negligence case was that the diagnosis has been provided with a delay or the doctor took more time to provide the treatment to the patient. Another emerging cause of the allegations has been the assaults witnessed by the patients and the sexual abuse they were forced to face.

Many contributors to the economy of Northern Ireland have urged to have the hospitals and care taking units to have the right equipment to cater the needs of the patients at the earliest since sometimes even a little delay in the situation can result into something really complicated. They have claimed that the entire reason these systems are built is to make sure no patient has turned down the treatment he needs and it is thus important that all the hospitals and doctors must have the right facilities to deal with any kind of medical problem that is presented.

For all the patients that have been wronged in any way, it is suggested that you bring the case forward and talk to the right solicitor so that the problem can be solved and you can be compensated for the ill-treatment. The only thing to make your claim strong and to actually get a payout is to have solid proof against the wrong that has been done to you -since in terms of law nothing speaks louder than proofs.