Sinn Fein politician glad that drink driving charges were withdrawn

If you were in support of the Sinn Fein political party, then you would have been taken aback from the news that has been spread all over media. Even if you are not amongst the fan of the politician, you do not expect your politicians to evade the charges that the general public has to pay and probably have been praising the act of the court. You are definitely right about the stance. However, not everything that comes in media is the complete truth or sometimes the truth never open up on media unless it is too long. In the case of Sinn Fein politician, I guess the latter is true.

A Sinn Fein party member has been in news for evading the charges that he has been facing for the non-payment of the ticket that he received on his driving license. Social media has been full of bashing statements for him and glorifying court as the court has done something out of context for making a politician accountable. But is that the complete truth? Are you sure? Don’t know. Okay. Let us explain the whole situation as Sinn Fein has explained in one of the tweets that he has recently done to clarify the matter.

According to Sinn Fein, he was charged for the breach of a road sign while driving in Belfast. He was stopped by the police officer and required to produce his driving license on the spot, but he failed to do so (not confirmed yet). This is why the police officer on duty asked to produce his driving documents to be examined by PSNI within 7 days. This was the charge that has made put him and his driving solicitors in the headlines.

Now that he has confirmed that the summon has been withdrawn, the reason behind the charge was some confusion or technical error. The fixed penalty that the police authorities imposed on Sinn Fein for not abiding by the road sign was made on time by the politician. However, his cheque was not accepted by the police authorities because there was an admin error related to the date on the ticket and date on the cheque.

Luckily, the error was not from Fein’s side and it was PSNI who had issued a ticket that was out of date. Thus, the cheque presented by the politician was returned to him. This error from PNSI resulted in all the hype to the story. When all this matter was presented to the court, the matter has been decided in favour of the politician and his summons have been withdrawn, which is a positive sign. Still, this is one of the bad examples that have been said by the police department according to many people. The case of Sinn Fein is one of the reported cases.

There are number of such cases that go unreported but the citizens have to suffer psychological and financial losses for fixing them. But on a brighter side Sinn Fein has proved his innocence.